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  It is possible to hook up to the Internet in all rooms.
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Hotel Aile is located in center of Beppu. It is only 7 minutes by walk from Beppu station.

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Room rate
Day before a holiday is added to the following for each one person amount of money 1,080 yen.
(Service charge and tax included.)
Single JPY6,400  
Double JPY9,800  
Twin JPY11,100  
Triple JPY14,700  
Fourth JPY17,900  


Breakfast is JPY860, and supper is JPY2,700. (tax and service charge included). Both of the first floors please at a restaurant "HANAMURA".
A profitable supper (JPY5,400~) is prepared when eating in a high-level restaurant in the sisiter shop "HANAMURA". It meets and sends it off from the hotel free of charge.
The room is a France of the south style based on white. The space done in a relaxed

There are abundant hot springs only in Beppu.The outdoor hot spring and the lookout bath are natural hot springs. Please enjoy it with the night view.

It is only seven minutes by walk from Beppu sta. It is 20 minutes by car from Oita sta. It is 15 minutes by car from Beppu IC. It is the best location for work and sightseeing.

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It can enjoy a new Hollywood movie at anytime in the room (charge). The internet can be connected free of charge in the room.
Conference Room
There is a conference room in the 10th floor. It is possible to use it up to 20 people. Lunch and the drink can be prepared.

■Rental charge:JPY2,700/hour
■Box lunch:
■Hors-d'oenrve dish:
It can enjoy oneself over the dish of combination of Japanese and Western-style in the restaurant "Hanako". Please enjoy the taste that an excellent sensibility of a young cook creates.

Breakfast  7:00~10:00
Lunch 11:00~14:00
Supper  17:00~22:00(Last order 21:30)


When you want supper in the private room, the sister shop "Hanamura" is also recommended. A real dinner dish can be satisfied in the Japanese style room. It meets and sends it off from the hotel free of charge

Please in a profitable net reservation.
*We are sorry in case of the full occupancy. As for the reservation on that day, the telephone is certain.

It is not approval yet through the subject of mail is "Thank you for inquiring. Again, mail that the reservation is approved is sent from us." Please wait for the reply.


TEL/FAX +81-977-21-7272/+81-977-21-7767
 Mail :



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